Sofia Colón, CPC, CPPM

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Hello! Welcome to EDGE Mindset!

My name is Sofia Colón. I am a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and Certified Physician Practice Management (CPPM).

I began my career in healthcare as a Member Service Representative for Kaiser Permanente Health Plan in 2004. After announcing a department closure in 2011, I had the opportunity to re-train for a position in medical coding. That uncertain time in my life was the beginning of a new opportunity and career direction.

I learned to network with my peers, leverage industry resources, and gained confidence in my abilities as a medical coder. Today, I am a Coder Lead in the Professional Coding Support Services department with Kaiser Permanente in Northern California. I’m also near completion of a Healthcare Policy and Administration Bachelor program with Penn State World Campus. I aspire to move up the career ladder within the Kaiser Permanente Revenue Cycle while supporting the Latina Health Information Management (HIM) workforce with the EDGE Mindset professional development program.

Why have I started a blog for EDGE Mindset?

  • To bring awareness to the need for Latinas in management and leadership positions in the Revenue Cycle
  • Desire to build a community which supports Latinas in healthcare administration

You’ll find articles, updates on local events, and industry news relevant to Latinas published regularly.

To get the most of this blog, you can:

  • Comment on posts you find interesting. We will be able to start a conversation around these topics.
  • Collaborate on a future blog posts
  • Connect with EDGE Mindset on social media to further build our community

Thank you for visiting EDGE Mindset!


Published by Sofia Colón

With my stories and those of inspiring Latinas, I share how to balance our family, community and career lives while maintaining our self-identity. I hope to help you become more active in these areas while maintaining your well-being.

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