Value your experience to develop and grow your career efficiently

Professional development for Latinas in the Revenue Cycle

EDGE Mindset is a professional development program for Latinas in the Revenue Cycle which teaches to value your experience to develop and grow your career efficiently.

As a Latina, I know my experiences, both in life and career, can be valuable tools in the workplace. How Latinas are raised translates to many skills needed in a multigenerational, team-oriented work environment.

Finding value in our #experience is one principle of EDGE Mindset.

I was deeply effected by a job loss several years ago. Quite frankly, I was angry because I felt I had no control. I was angry that I didn’t have any choices of my own. Although I was a good employee, I hadn’t developed a career plan. I learned from that experience. Intentional and consistent career development is needed in our Latina community. We are 1/3 of the medical coding and HIM staff in California. We make up the largest segment! However, we are seldom in management or leadership positions. Let’s develop our careers!

#Development is a principle of EDGE Mindset.

The hard truth is, no one is waiting to give you an opportunity. Through strategic planning, diligent work, and consistency, opportunities are created. That’s how you’ll grow your career!

#Growth is a principle of EDGE Mindset.

“Work smarter not harder”, spoken by Allen F. Morgenstern, is a phrase I’ve struggled to understand. LatinX families grow up watching our parents work physically hard. For us, this is the image of success. I understand the physical work my mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother performed in migrant camps and canneries. I watched both of my parents work their full time jobs and then come home to work side businesses. All of this hard work is an image of success to me. Certainly, not failure. In some ways, I’ve felt offended with this phrase because it seems to say that hard work isn’t smart or that a person working hard isn’t smart. In trying to understand this phrase, I found various interpretations. My best understanding is that working smart means to make the most of ones time and energy. It means being efficient.

Being #efficient is a principle of EDGE Mindset.

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Published by Sofia Colón

With my stories and those of inspiring Latinas, I share how to balance our family, community and career lives while maintaining our self-identity. I hope to help you become more active in these areas while maintaining your well-being.

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