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Sofia Colón, CPC, CPPM, has over 16 years of experience in healthcare. She’s created a professional development program for Latinas in the Revenue Cycle to build a supportive community and bring awareness to the need for Latinas in management and leadership of healthcare.

What is medical coding?

A speaking engagement designed for elementary and high school students curious about medical coding field of healthcare.

Culturally Relevant Workshop

Culturally Relevant, an approved AAPC workshop, explains how Latinas are uniquely equipped to thrive in the Revenue Cycle. This interactive workshop will leave you with actionable steps to advance your career.


Sofia Colón, CPC, CPPM will bring a positive and professional message to your workplace event. Professional development topics include cultural strengths, work-life balance, managing imposter syndrome, dynamics of mentorship, and more.

I felt the meeting was interesting. I would like to attend more. For those who want to move up in leadership should take a training course by you.

Christy Mozqueda, attendee, Culturally Relevant workshop

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